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Who was Somerled

Somerled, also known as Somhairle or Somerled mac Gillibride, was a prominent figure in Scottish history and is often referred to as the King of the Isles. He lived during the 12th century and played a significant role in the politics and conflicts of the Western Isles of Scotland. Here is an overview of Somerled’s life and legacy:

Rise to Power:
Somerled was born into a noble Gaelic family, and he initially held the title of Thane of Argyll. However, he sought to expand his influence and territories. Through strategic marriages and alliances, he managed to consolidate power over various clans and became the Lord of Argyll, Kintyre, and the Isles.

Battle of Renfrew:
One of Somerled’s most notable achievements was his victory in the Battle of Renfrew in 1164. He led a combined force of Gaelic warriors and Norse-Gaels against a much larger Scottish army led by King Malcolm IV. Somerled’s forces achieved a decisive victory, establishing him as a formidable military leader and solidifying his position as a regional power.

Control of the Isles:
Somerled’s successful campaigns allowed him to exert control over the Western Isles, including the Hebrides. He established a semi-independent kingdom, often referred to as the Kingdom of the Isles, which encompassed a significant portion of the region. His rule extended over the Norse-Gaelic populations, as well as the Gaelic clans of the area.

Alliance with Norway:
Interestingly, despite his conflicts with the Scottish crown, Somerled also formed an alliance with the Kingdom of Norway. He married Ragnhild, the daughter of Olaf I of Man and the Isles, cementing this alliance and further strengthening his position in the Isles.

Somerled’s untimely death in 1164 cut short his ambitions. He was killed in battle while attempting to invade the Scottish mainland. However, his descendants continued to play important roles in Scottish history, with his son Reginald and grandson Donald continuing the struggle for control over the Kingdom of the Isles.

Somerled is remembered as a legendary figure in Scottish history, often depicted as a heroic warrior and charismatic leader. His legacy is particularly significant in the Western Isles, where he is celebrated as a symbol of Gaelic resistance against external powers. The legacy of Somerled and the Kingdom of the Isles endured through the centuries, influencing the political landscape and cultural identity of the region.


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