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Willikin of The Weald – The Real Robin Hood?

Willikin of the Weald, also known as William of Cassingham, was a legendary figure associated with the First Baron’s War that took place in England from 1215 to 1217. The First Baron’s War was a conflict between King John of England and a group of rebellious barons who opposed his tyrannical rule and demanded greater rights and liberties.

Willikin of the Weald, according to folklore and local legends, was a renowned outlaw and resistance leader who operated in the dense forests of the Weald, an area in Southeast England known for its thick woodland. He was said to be a skilled archer and guerrilla fighter who, along with his band of outlaws, waged a campaign against King John and his forces.

The tales surrounding Willikin of the Weald often depict him as a champion of the common people, defending their rights and standing up against the oppressive regime of King John. His exploits and acts of defiance against the crown have been passed down through generations as part of the folklore and oral tradition of the region.

It’s important to note that the historical accuracy of Willikin of the Weald’s existence and his specific role in the First Baron’s War is difficult to verify, as much of the information about him comes from folklore and local legends rather than historical records. Nonetheless, his story has become intertwined with the popular narrative of resistance against King John during that period.


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