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Atlas VPN vs Norton Secure VPN – Comparison, Pros and Cons

Choosing between Atlas VPN and Norton Secure VPN can be challenging due to the variety of factors that need to be considered. In this in-depth analysis, we break down the key criteria to help you make an informed decision.

Atlas VPN vs Norton Secure VPN

Atlas VPN
Atlas VPN
Atlas VPN might be a relatively new player in the VPN industry, but it stands tall among the veterans, offering a compelling product that offers great value for money.

$1.83 $11.99

Norton Secure VPN
Norton Secure VPN
Norton Secure VPN is a dependable option for users who prioritize security. With the backing of Norton’s longstanding reputation in cybersecurity, it’s a trustworthy choice.

$1.66 $4.99


Atlas VPN offers around 1,000 servers that are geographically diverse, spread across 42 countries. This extensive coverage suggests a focus on providing a truly global service. On the other hand, Norton Secure VPN takes the cake in sheer numbers, boasting a total of 2,000 servers. However, these are limited to 29 countries. Although Atlas VPN has a more extensive geographical reach, Norton Secure VPN’s higher server count gives it the advantage in this category.


When it comes to security, both Atlas VPN and Norton Secure VPN employ AES-256 bit encryption. Atlas VPN uses IPsec/IKEv2 protocols and offers additional features like a kill switch, a no-logs policy, and SafeSwap servers for added anonymity. Norton Secure VPN utilizes OpenVPN on Android and IPsec on other platforms, but it lacks a no-logs policy and a kill switch. While both services offer robust encryption, Atlas VPN pulls ahead with its extra security features.


Neither Atlas VPN nor Norton Secure VPN offers a free version. However, Atlas VPN comes out as more budget-friendly with its $1.39/month plan for a 3-year commitment. In contrast, Norton Secure VPN starts at $4.99/month, making Atlas VPN the more economical choice for long-term users.


Speed is another critical factor to consider. Atlas VPN generally offers good speeds with low latency, making it suitable for latency-sensitive activities like streaming and gaming. What’s more, it provides relatively consistent speeds across various server locations. Norton Secure VPN, on the other hand, has variable speeds that can sometimes be on the slower side, and users have reported fluctuating performance based on server location. Because of its more reliable and consistent speed, Atlas VPN wins in this category.

Customer Support

Customer support is fairly robust for both services but in different ways. Atlas VPN offers support through email, live chat, and an extensive FAQ section, usually responding within a few hours. Norton Secure VPN provides multiple support channels, including phone support, live chat, and community forums, with quick response times especially over the phone. Because both services offer strong customer support, this category ends in a tie.

Company Location

Both Atlas VPN and Norton Secure VPN are based in the United States. Being in the U.S. means they’re under the jurisdiction of the Five Eyes alliance, which could be a concern for those extremely worried about data surveillance. As both are in the same jurisdiction, there’s no clear winner in this aspect.

Final Verdict

In summary, while Norton Secure VPN has the upper hand in the number of servers, Atlas VPN leads in crucial areas such as security features, pricing, and speed consistency. Customer support is strong for both services, and they are similarly situated in terms of company location. Given its advantages in multiple key areas, Atlas VPN emerges as the better choice for most users seeking a secure, cost-effective, and consistently fast VPN service.

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