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How to Get Powerful Links in 2023 – SEO Link Building Video Guide

In this video, Matt Diggity presents the latest link building techniques. Many content creators discuss standard techniques like guest posting and broken link building. But let’s be honest, these traditional methods aren’t as effective anymore. In today’s SEO landscape, they need an upgrade.

Matt Diggity is a professional link builder. His tactics have secured links from major sites like The New York Times and Forbes. Unlike others who give an overview, he’ll give you a detailed breakdown, including email templates. Although many of these strategies are exclusive to his students at the Affiliate Lab, He’ll share them here.

The classic guest posting pitch? It’s overused. Instead, target sites with outdated content and offer to update it. Tools like hunter.io can help find the right contact. This method is more appealing as it addresses an existing problem for the site owner.

Another strategy involves HARO (Help A Reporter Out). While HARO is competitive, flip the script by becoming the journalist. Set up a three-way link exchange and attract those seeking exposure.

Link insertions are another option. The key? Money talks. Approach them with a guest post pitch, then suggest a less time-consuming link insertion at a reduced price.

Broken link building is still viable, but focus on newer content. People are more likely to fix recent articles. Use tools like Ahrefs to identify broken links on new posts.

Lastly, there’s the potential in unlinked brand mentions. If someone mentions you without linking, tactfully request a link.

Remember, the key to effective link building is to be unique and offer value.

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